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These fabulous ‘Easter’ biscuits (I don’t know what an Easter biscuit is, but I do know that these were made at Easter) were a bit of a botch job, the result however was far from botch…3oz caster Sugar 2oz pine nuts
3oz unsalted butter 1oz Sesame seeds
2oz Self raising flour 2oz Rolled oats

All blitzed, rolled, cut and chilled for 30 mins, then baked for 20 mins at Gas 3. Job’s a good’un.



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Hmm… As expected I’ve barely scraped through today’s photograph. My fiancee suggested I “shoot the sunset” with my reply being “what sunset?”. Not to be defeated, I wore a hole in the carpet trying to come up with an ‘out-of-the-box’ response to shooting the sunset. I got so far out of the box, I gave up and shot a self-portrait.



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To maintain a healthy workflow and document a bit of my life, I was going to try and upload one photograph each day, taken on that day… I apologise now as this little feature has already become a bit ad-hoc as I’m already behind on posting my first snapshot, so without further ado, here is yesterday’s washing. I’ll be back soon with today’s entry…. or not!