Medium Format | Diana F+

Much to my delight, Nathan bought me a Diana F+ for my birthday. The Diana is a plastic ‘toy’ camera, based on ‘The Diana’ – a 1960s Japanese box camera. My camera – ‘Mr Pink’ – is notoriously ‘difficult’ to use. There are four ‘apertures’, two shutter options, a bit of focus choice (based on distance) and a flash. Mr Pink doesn’t have a light meter and can be ‘leaky’ due to the cheap plastic body.

So far, I’ve only shot ‘test’ photographs, on a walk around the ‘hood and at a wedding. I’ve just had the films back (from Peak-Imaging) and I’m very pleased with the results. I love the soft light and pastel colours. I also love that it makes the kids look grubby, disguising that fact that they might actually have been grubby!

diana f+ mr pink 'The Diana' 120 film camera

diana f+ mr pink 'The Diana' 120 film camera

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