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My husband and I took to New York in September. Having enjoyed an entrance into New York, via the airporter – where the driver played ‘New York, New York’ for us – we headed to our Hotel. The Roosevelt is of course one of the classic New York hotels, enjoying it’s heyday during the turn of the century. Having said this, it was utterly gleaming, the staff were incredible and our room was huge! I adored the hotel, with it’s art deco style; very reminiscent of various scenes from The Great Gatsby and Bugsy Malone.

We stayed for three nights and four whirl-wind days, although time didn’t rush by; we really felt as though we packed in so much – and came away with so many memories, mementoes and gifts for the kids! There were too many highlights to speak of, but there are three memories which always come to mind right away; our NY Yankees game which we attended just hours after we had stepped off the plane (a real dip into true American life, with larger-than-life characters, really loving the game). A lay-down in an abnormally quiet Central Park (Pope Francis was visiting the city and had the attention of the crowds at the time) led us to a very special event, indeed. Coldplay were rhearsing for a concert to take place the next day. For ten minutes, it was just us and them, alone in the park. That was incredibly exciting, weird and really quite emotional. We were treated to Sky Full Of Stars, Paradise and Clocks, to name but a few, before heading off to Bloomingdales for a spot of shopping. The final ‘big’ memory is really just a blur of shopping, eating and drinking at Times Square. In many ways, it was smaller and cosier than I exoected. It is a bit odd to say that, I suppose. However, having 32 years of ‘not knowing’ what any of New York would actually be like, I did find that our daily stroll to the lights and sounds of Times Square felt more like a stroll ‘down the local’, than a visit to a major world landmark.

As a destination wedding photographer, worldwide locations do tend to become quite local; I get a feel for my space, take in the light, it’s unique colours in each different location, and being this all together for each individual wedding. New york is such a destination, somewhere I feel familiar with, so that I find it easy to absorb the light and atmosphere as my own, ready to capture a wedding intimately, from the inside, and not as an outsider.