Kerry Bartlett - Fine Art Photographer

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting these two for their engagement photo shoot in North Somerset. This beach location is one of my favourites; invariably, I opt for locations which sit with my fine-art wedding photography style and that means light, bright, airy. The woodland is a little off my usual beaten path but I do love the dappled light and mystique and in any case, it got us out of the sun and into some shade for a short while. This particular beach is a hidden gem (literally hidden and really, it is so good for portraits). At weddings and particularly wedding venues, the photography opportunities are laid out with architecture, views and gardens whereas going wild for wedding photography or engagement shoots means finding locations that have those same opportunities. The great boulders, the lookout area and the bay itself all lend to the camera.

Wedding photography carries it’s own set of rules (some I like to break, of course; I wouldn’t be particularly cerative if i weren’t able to push artistic boundaries!) and one of those rules is that all the accessorising is pre-planned and my brides don’t often whip out a big hat or a pair of sunnies. Engagement shoots, however, are my playground and we can have so much fun with props; accessories, instruments, picnics. You name it! Get in touch and let me know your plans!