Kerry Bartlett - Fine Art Photographer

In the wedding industry, changes happen so rapidly in terms of style and expectation. Remaining relevant and skilled in the current photographic trend is so important and when I say ‘trend’, I don’t simply mean the look of the photograph, I mean the way I conduct my business, from the products and services I offer to my customer care values and of course the way I use my equipment in order to capture the wedding day of each individual couple.

My mantra for evolving my skill base, style and working method is to always be ready to learn. In order to do this, I ensure that every year I have at lease one course, shoot or event that I take part in, in order to stay relevant and to build the business. Training is a hidden cost which is so essential and often very expensive. Naturally, continual training is required in any profession and is something I take very seriously.

The ‘A Beautiful Way’ fine art workshop was styled as Italian meets English country wedding with a lot of Olive foliage, gorgeous fine fabrics and silks, rustic accessories and beautiful simplistic detailing such as the stationery and cake. The overall colour scheme was in hues of grey, stone-pink and pastel greens.