P  H  O  T  O     &     V  I  D  E  O
Kerry Bartlett - Fine Art Photographer
P  H  O  T  O     &     V  I  D  E  O

Take me back to this delightful spring day at Pennard House, in early April; the blossom was at it’s peak. Confetti was falling from the trees before it was being erleased from hands. It was so beautiful and perfectly suited to this glorious day that S&K had planned. The weather was warm and dry – practically a summer’s day and thankfully so, for the outdoor ceremony; something that only the brave plan for in spring, in England.

The bride’s dress was a stunning, sheer gown with beaded detail and these flowers, so suited to the pink Pennard House exterior and the blossom.

The darling flower girl ‘couple’s own’ and her companion tiny attendants stole the show

My favourite space for formal portraits; the front of the back of Pennard House (does that make any sense? I believe it is the back but it’s at the front. Still not making sense? Anyway, these columns are so grand and so detailed, they are a gorgeous backdrop!

The wedding breakfast took place in the dining space, within the coach house. The florist hung spring flowers from the rafters, for a stunning exuberant display.