Kerry Bartlett - Fine Art Photographer

The cat was amazing! Blue eyes and a matching blue bow! S&A’s Windsor wedding was so much fun (cat included). Homestead weddings are very close to my heart. My own wedding reception was held in the grounds of the family home, so I really connect with the ideals of a homestead wedding. Dedicated wedding venues are amazing, there’s no question about that – and there are plus points to both. When we got married, the budget was the deciding factor in choosing to host our reception ourselves. I think I might have preferred a dedicated venue, if only to reduce stress – but it wasn’t an option at the time.  Budget-wise, venues actually often come in at a lower cost; the hire of the marquee, outside catering and all the myriad other ‘stuff’ required can easily come in over and beyond the cost of having a venue take all that stress away.

Back to this wedding (sorry, I got a bit lost there); so, hosted in the grounds of the bride’s parent’s house, with a beautiful marquee and some incredible styling, S&A were married at the local church, just a short walk away. The couple and their guests spent the rest of this balmy day relaxing in the gardens, dancing the ceilidh and enjoying some beautiful food.Congrats S&A!